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Tu m'as cherché, je vais te défoncer

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Seul dans un bar gay, un client se met à draguer le barman, un gars super grand et méga baraqué. Mais quand le barman lui montre son intérêt en retour, il commence à faire son snob. Le musclor va lui faire comprendre que dans son bar c'est pas comme ça que ça se passe : tu le cherches, tu le trouves et t'assumes. Il vient le saisir, le fout au sol et l'oblige à décrasser ses pompes. En quelques secondes le client se laisse impressionner et transformer en bâtard, bon à lécher le cul du maitre et à sucer ses orteils. Pris en main violemment, il va se faire défoncer le cul avec un gode et se prendre la bite du boss puissance 1000.

You will pay with your ass!
No one reigns the beast. Get ready for the most intense fetish session you've ever seen. For the first time in Hardkinks we bring you two porn heavyweights: Rogan Richards and Martin Mazza in a frenzied meeting full of testosterone and adrenaline you can’t miss! About Rogan... With 1,80m and 95kg, this BIG macho arrives from Australia to shoot his first film in Spain with Hardkinks. With one of the best trajectories in the current porn scene, Rogan Richards (33) surprises us showing his most dominant and wild side, something he never had done before but emerges naturally from this beast. Do not miss the most brutal videos of this Master. Get ready to be on all fours! More about Rogan: Richards is primarily known for his unlimited energy and wild attitude in active sexual roles. Distinctly masculine and rugged, Richards is unafraid to play many types of characters, much to the surprise of his typical audiences. He has made pornographic films for studios like Men at Play,, Titan and Raging Stallion Studios, as well as independent films for smaller studios, including his own. About Martin... With an endless list of works in the porn world Martin Mazza lands on Hardkinks to show his ,pst extreme and wild side. Get ready to see in action this Spanish macho as never seen before, his movies will leave you breathles. More about Martin: He was the first gay porn star that filmed in an Arab country like Lebanon. He recorded for studios like Chichi La Rue, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment, Ragin Stallion, Arena film and Alpha Male. He landed on straight porn with Nacho Vidal in a scene that was legendary. He continues his career as a model and image of several clothing brands and companies around the world. Being in the covers of numerous magazines.


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