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Le réparateur

Markie More n'a plus besoin d'aller au sport. Il fait de l'exercice toute la journée en enculant des jeunes passifs. Pour brûler les calories, il est hyper endurant. Les culs vont prendre cher, c'est clair.
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Blue Collar Balls

Musclés et sportifs, Macho, Vidéos américaines, Tattoo

A repairman
Published: 02/02/2019 - Time: 32 min
After returning from the gym, Dante Martin's house feels like a sauna. Checking the thermostat, he notices a problem, so he calls a repairman. Markie More is the kind of repairman who likes to get to the root of the problem, fix things from the inside out, from the bottom up. He seems capable enough, so Dante trusts him with the device and heads off to shower. Markie fixes the thermostat in no time, but now there's another problem... this bulge underneath his coveralls. Noticing the door slightly cracked, he inches closer to take a look, peeking around the door only to find Dante stroking his cock and staring right back at him.


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