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Dure comme du bois

Deux hommes qui travaillent le bois font une pause pour se faire du bien. Et leur queue est dure comme le bois, c'est clair. Deux bons zobs pour de la suce à gogo. Celui qui est le plus raide enculera l'autre et c'est le barbu viril qui gagne.

Alphamales Eurocreme avec ANTONIO MIRACLE et Jason Domino

Hard Labour

Working With Wood
Published: 03/03/2019 - Time: 18 min
Ruggedly handsome Antonio Miracle takes on all the hardest jobs, and colleague Jason Domino sits back and watches his workmate getting to grips with a joist. We all know where his mind is actually wandering too, and when Antonio asks for help, Jason pops open his uniform and shows him another piece of wood he can work on instead! Looking around shyly, Antonio is keen to take him up on the offer and drops to his knees, getting his juicy tongue around Jason's hot sweaty balls and huge shaft

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