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Lope à panards pour le Macho Fucker Sergio Mutty

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Le jeune Dylan découvre la soumission pour de vrai en rencontrant Sergio Mutty. L'espagnol dominateur traite tous les mecs de la même façon : avec autorité et mépris. Ses beaux panards tendus, il attend de se faire vénérer. Dylan entre en transe, surexcité d'être sous le contrôle d'un pur macho, vulgaire et brutal à souhait. Il va se faire exploiter comme une lope et va supplier Sergio de le prendre en appartenance. Quel boss !

Buff Bottom Broken In By XL Aggro Macho Fucker
Smack, smack – one on the left, one on the right! Slavish bottom piglet Dylan Ayrton has got nothing to grin about as he kneels before Sergio Mutty getting slapped around. Mutty, the compact, wiry, mean macho fucker knows exactly how to condition his bitch to his needs and isn’t known for his forgiving nature. He kicks back in bliss while getting his fat tool sucked up, ready to sink his XL meat into the buff ass of his wimpering bottom. Between fucks Sergio finds time to have his feet licked, or to whip his sub’s ass with a belt. For his good behaviour Dylan gets to feel his master’s warm cum blasting into his face.


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