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Prof gay agressé et dominé par ses élèves pervers

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Quand il annonce à ses deux élèves qu'ils n'ont pas réussi leur année, le professeur se met en danger. Pour qui se prend ce mec ? Il a à peine 5 ans de plus qu'eux et il pense pourvoir comme ça décider de leur sort et les recaler ? Les cancres sont pas idiots, ils ont grillé que le prof était un suce boules. Ils se mettent à lui sauter dessus, lui font peur avec leur force et le contraignent à se soumettre. Le prof, apeuré et excité, se retrouve à décrasser les panards des mauvais élèves, à se faire humilier et traiter comme un esclave. Plus c'est violent et dégradant et plus le mâle semble aimer ça. Le voilà pris dans un plan barbare, bestial et crade où il va se faire enculer comme une pute, dresser et finir par totalement vénérer ses élèves, devenus ses maitres sexuels.

Abused by his students
Two students are failed by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he’ll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rules the class. About Martin... With an endless list of works in the porn world Martin Mazza lands on Hardkinks to show his ,pst extreme and wild side. Get ready to see in action this Spanish macho as never seen before, his movies will leave you breathles. More about Martin: He was the first gay porn star that filmed in an Arab country like Lebanon. He recorded for studios like Chichi La Rue, Falcon Studios, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment, Ragin Stallion, Arena film and Alpha Male. He landed on straight porn with Nacho Vidal in a scene that was legendary. He continues his career as a model and image of several clothing brands and companies around the world. Being in the covers of numerous magazines. About Antonio... With an impressive body and attitude Antonio Miracle lands on Hardkinks to deliver lots of hot action. Naturally dominant he also enjoys the submissive role with a big alpha male in front. When you see him you can only think about these two: worship his feet like a puppy or try to dominate him. His ease of manner in front the cameras is a clear example of the new generation of actors coming to stay. Don’t miss his scenes if you want to know the meaning of the word hot. About Mario... When we saw Mario Domenech didn’t leave us indifferent. This Valencian transmits hotness, freshness and fuckness by all his sides. He can be a strong Master or the most obedient puppy, depends on your attitude. DJ by profession and eager to experience in porn, so much he didn’t doubt to give everything in front of our cameras. If you want to see pure action don’t miss his movies.


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