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La branle exhib de François Sagat

François Sagat est trop chaud de la queue et va se poser sur un rooftop pour s'en taper une bonne. Rien à battre des voisins, la queue à la main il va se tirer le foutre à fond.
Made in USA, Uro, Branlette, Soft, Mecs sportifs, Mecs poilus, En plein air, Raging Stallion

François Sagat, originally a Raging Stallion man, is one of the hottest men in the world. From his muscular body to his tattooed forehead he has a look that inspires both interest and hard-ons. In this never before seen footage he sits on the Raging Stallion Roof and douses himself. With the intensity he is known for François focuses on one thing : his own pleasure. He undresses first, revealing the expanse of his bulging biceps and the ripple of his abs. A nice amount of dark body hair covers him from head to toe. As he works himself up the camera works its way down his body to his massive uncut fat cock. When the water works begin, it spurts out in long streams reaching all the way to François' anxious open mouth. He drinks it, spits it and lets it run down his body. The hairs on his chest darken with the dampness. François goes for a few rounds, lying on his back to form puddles in the crevices of his chest. When he's soaking wet and all worked up he releases a jet of cum that covers his abs and rips down toward his asshole.


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