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Baise-moi Mickey !

James, comme beaucoup de minets, kiffe sur Mickey Taylor, le BG anglais. Quand il pisse à ses côtés, il résiste pas : il lui montre qu'il veut le servir. Le rêve se réalise et il se fait baiser à mort en couinant comme une trainée.
Phoenixxx avec Mickey Taylor et James Lain

Cruising For A Fuck

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Fuck me Mickey!
Published: 01/24/2019 - Time: 26 min
James loves to watch boy's dicks in the men's room, wanking himself off and seeing if they get hard too. Mickey might look like a bad straight boy, but when he sees that hard uncut cock he's reaching out for a stroke too! Before too long both boys are sucking on the others dick, tasting all that precum, but Mickey wants more. Luckily for him James is all about taking a hard fucking, against the wall and on the floor, ending with them covered in sweat and hot cum!


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