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L’homme devenu jouet

Jimmy Durano a fait de son pote Morgan un simple jouet. Il le manipule et le déguise comme il veut et il use et abuse de lui et de ses fentes, lui pétant la gueule et le trou de balle avec son gros dard. Et Morgan adore !
Avec : Jimmy Durano et Morgan Black
Mecs sportifs, Made in USA, Backroom Donjon, Cuir, Tattoo, Mecs poilus, Macho, bareback, Gorge profonde, Hot House

Force-feeding for Morgan
Jimmy Durano has Morgan Black in restraints with his head in a cage, making him the ultimate cock-sucking machine. He force-feeds Black his thick Latin dick through the mouth piece of the cage barely allowing the enslaved cock-pig to breathe. As soon as he's free Black bends over so Durano can lick his tight hole - he wants to get fucked! Durano throws Black on his back and fucks him hard until he gets distracted by Black's big dick. Durano goes down on Black but before you know it he's got him on all fours and fucking him up the ass again. This time they both shoot their loads and Durano drags Black back to his restraints where he waits for the next session.


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