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Le ptit minet veut vider les grosses couilles de son pote

Kevin effectue des travaux d'été dans le bâtiment. Il est content car il a pour partenaire Zac, un bogoss super sympa. Alors qu'il surprend Zac en train de se branler, il ne peut faire autrement que l'aider à cracher. Visiblement Zac a les couilles prêts à exploser. Kevin est un super suce boules docile et il ne demande qu'à le vider. Bouche et ptit cul de minet imberbe à dispo : let's go !
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It’s a hard day’s labour for these two twinks as they set about restoring an old house in the middle of nowhere. With not another soul in sight, the plaster falls off the walls just as quick as the clothes get peeled off their smooth gorgeous bodies. With the hefty slab of meat rising to the occasion from hung Zac Powers, the new pretty young Kevin Ateah does exactly what he’s told and sucks the big balled Zac until he’s truly rock solid! He might be thinking that he’s just in for a blowjob, but Zac’s got something else in mind, and that involves stretching the young lad wider than ever as he pushes his super massive dick all the way into him, over and over, letting him get nice and relaxed before really pumping his virgin ass full of raw dick! The sheer amount of jizz Zac delivers over Kevin’s back really is a sight to behold, it’ll certainly get you joining the spunk-fest!


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